2015-Book-Parag aur Pankhudiyaan_BookCover_HindiPoems_by_Seema_Kumar
Digital Illustration by Seema Kumar – for Book Cover of “Parag aur Pankhudiyan”, Hindi poetry collection, 2015.

It is going to be a year since the book launch of my Hindi Poetry collection “Parag aur Pankhudiyan” on 23rd September 2015 at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai campus, India. The flower illustration for the book cover was done by me. The book was published by HindYugm Publication, New Delhi.

Book Cover of “Parag aur Pankhudiyan” – Hindi poetry collection by Seema Kumar, 2015.


I had written in more detail here on “Seema’s Corner”. This post also has links where the book is available in India. If you are not in India, and want to read the book or have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me.